This will be our course website. I will be posting resources, reading and other information pertaining to the course, visualization, and related materials.

*You will have access to post and share information as well.
Be sure that when you add information you create a new post, select the proper category from the right side that goes with your posting, and ‘
select and/or give the post proper tags so that it is easy for everyone to search and find using key words or phrases.



  • Google Form Survey 
  • Survey Results
  • TWO EXAMPLES – One of Each (SciViz and InfoViz) – you will present them next class

    Why did you choose them?

    What do you and don’t you like about the visualization, why?

    What is a Scientific Visualization?

    What is an Information Visualization?

    How are the two types different and similar?

    * reference – website, author, how? what data, where did they get it?


  • Start to think about your visualization project.
  • Project- Ideas, research, get started early – Find examples of what you would like to accomplish / learn.
  • What would you like to research and/or create?


Lecture 0


2012 – Julie Steele: