Project Requirements:

During this course you will need to choose a research topic/area, gather data (conceptual, actual, abstract), explore tools and visualization techniques, and create a final visualization paper and presentation.



Prior to the end of the second week of the program you will write and submit a 1 page proposal for your project.

The paper should include the following:

  1. A clear explanation of your research topic and area
  2. The type of visualization(s) you would like to create (InfoViz, SciViz, 2D, 3D, 3D print, Interactive, AR, VR, Web-based, print)
  3. What data you will need, and where you might get it, collect it, and/or generate it.
  4. Examples of visualization similar to what you would like to generate. These do not have to be in the same topic area as your project. These are visuals that will help me understand what you would like to create, and how I can direct you toward that goal. You may use links in the proposal if necessary, such as with interactive or 3d visualizations.


Write a 3 page paper addressing the list above, insert images of your project process and final where necessary

Your  paper should include the following :

  1. Process (use screen captures to document the creation of your visualization from exploration of tools and designs to completion)
  2. Research (What and how did you research the topic of interest? Did you gain any new / interesting insights? How does the visualization you created support your research area/ topic?)
  3. What type of visualization did you create ? Did you create Exploratory, Explanatory, SciViz, InfoViz, or other?
  4. Lessons Learned (What did you learn from the project experience)
  5. Future Usages (How might you use these tools, techniques in the future)
  6. raw data (What data you use? Where did the data come from?)

POWERPOINT Presentation

*Create a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 5 slides) to present you project. The Presentation should be a summary of you paper.

You will be presenting your final visualization and PowerPoint at the Advanced Visualization Center

*You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Presentation

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